Can I buy Dexterity Dough in stores?

YES! You can buy it at Child's Play Toys, Plum's Cooking, Simply Perfect, and Elegant Mommy; all located in Sioux Falls, SD. Irish Twins (Beresford SD), The SD Art Museum (Brookings SD), Mapamundi (San Francisco, CA), Building Blocks Toy Stores (Chicago, IL). We'll keep you posted as we add more stores. Click here to get a full list of retailers!

Why Orange Oil?

Orange oil is believed to enhance one's mood while increasing creativity and tranquility. There is NO artificial fragrance in Dexterity Dough. Even adults use Dexterity Dough as aroma therapy. Just place an open tin beside your computer or grab a piece to fiddle with at your next meeting. Say it with me now..."Ommmmm"

What is 76 degree coconut oil?

Glad you asked! It means the coconut oil is solid under 76 degrees and begins to gradually melt above 76 degrees. So, when you grab a piece of Dexterity Dough, it will soften slightly in your hands as your body temperature warms up the dough. And, it's great for your skin!

It really doesn't crumble?!?

No. Period. I know it's hard to believe, but it will not crumble like other play dough. There are three things children, parents & grandparents despise about regular play dough: 1) the smell (even the scented ones) 2) the awful ingredients 3) Crumbling. Done, done & done.

How long will Dexterity Dough lasts?

Depending on how often you use it, making sure the lid is on tight, and in a normal home setting, it will last several months and even up to a year or more.

What if I leave the lid off and it dries out?

Here's a cool trick, put a few drops of water in the bottom of the tin and place the dough in the water, cover and let sit overnight. If it is not fabulous by the next morning, repeat only this time put the other side of the play dough in the water. Bam, it's back!

What if the dough gets a little sticky?

This may happen if you have had it for several months. Just knead in some flour or corn starch until it is a good consistency; kids LOVE helping with this. You can also let it sit out for a while until it is less sticky.

Oh no, my child just ate some Dexterity Dough!

Yea, that happens. Dexterity Dough is NOT for consumption but it is made out of ALL edible ingredients. No funky petroleum stuff or artificial fragrance. It does contain wheat. Consult your health care provider if you suspect a reaction of any kind.

Can I really keep Dexterity Dough in the fridge or freezer?

YES! It makes for a fun sensory experience and a little extra dexterity work when it is kept in the refrigerator or freezer. It will not change the consistency of the dough.

Will the colors stain?

No. Sometimes the blue color is visible on a paper towel if you wipe up after you have been playing, but we haven't had any reports of it staining clothes.

Why does it cost more than other play dough?

Because of the high quality ingredients (coconut oil, orange oil etc) and every batch is kneaded by hand...every batch. Dexterity Dough is made in the USA; not many big name play dough companies can say that. It outlasts all other brands (5x longer!) and we buy organic ingredients when possible.

Can I re-use the tin?

YES PLEASE! Wash it out with soap and water and use it for goldfish crackers, grapes or barbie shoes. You can poke a few holes in the top of the clear lid and use the box as a bug observatory or habitat. Just let the poor bug go back to his/her family when you're done.

Are all the accessories dishwasher safe?

Yes, including the silicone baking mat. However, the rolling pin will last longer if you hand wash it due to the wooden handles.

Can I really bake with the silicone baking mat?

YES! The baking mat, rolling pin and cookie cutters are all FDA approved food grade utensils. They are made for baking. Use them to bake with your child! How fun is that!YES! The baking mat, rolling pin and cookie cutters are all FDA approved food grade utensils. They are made for baking. Use them to bake with your child! How fun is that!

Let's talk germs and mold

Yes, it's true, coconut oil & orange oil have antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiviral & antibacterial properties, but that doesn't mean Dexterity Dough will remain germ free forever! Always wash your hands before using Dexterity Dough to keep it clean & free of mold, dirt & germs. Every brand of dough can mold if it comes in contact with a mold spore...EVERY BRAND. Google it. So, make sure counters and tables are cleaned before you bring out the Dexterity Dough. For quality control reasons, we save a portion of EVERY batch of Dexterity Dough.